Lucy Pearman creates BBC pilot Please Help Me

Friday 14th May 2021, 12:01am

  • Forthcoming BBC Three comedy pilot Please Help Me has been written by and stars Lucy Pearman
  • It focuses on a farm worker in Oxfordshire who develops magical powers
  • Lucy Pearman says: "I'm very excited and also scared to be writing and creating a project for the BBC"
Please Help. Milly (Lucy Pearman).

Lucy Pearman has written and stars in Please Help Me, a Comedy Threesome pilot coming to BBC iPlayer later this year.

The fifteen minute comedy has just finished filming on location in Oxfordshire.

It follows the story of "a normal girl living and working on an isolated farm in Oxfordshire who is trapped in a mundane and claustrophobic life as her grandmother's only carer. As life becomes increasingly fraught she develops bizarre and inexplicable magical powers that make her absolutely NOT normal anymore."

The episode also stars Anna Calder-Marshall, Harry Peacock, David Mumeni and Edward Bluemel.

Mr Bean producers Tiger Aspect are working on the project.

Lucy Pearman says: "I'm very excited and also scared to be writing and creating a project for the BBC with Tiger Aspect. I can't believe how much admin is involved in making 15 minutes of TV but I'm having the time of my life. I've got an amazing cast and crew and I finally get to work with a Shetland pony, what more could a girl ask for."

David Simpson from Tiger Aspect says: "Lucy is a true original. Her script is brilliantly crafted and simultaneously warm and charming and wildly funny. We can't wait for people to see it."

BBC commissioning editor Ben Caudell adds: "Lucy is an absurdist auteur who has given us a thrilling slice of comic magic realism that defies categorization, even though I just called it comic magic realism. It's been an absolute joy to be tangentially involved with it, not least because I get to send emails where the subject line is 'PLEASE HELP ME' and it be a straightforward work email rather than my regular desperate cry for urgent assistance."

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