Man Like Mobeen to return for Series 4

Wednesday 9th September 2020, 1:00pm by Jay Richardson

  • Guz Khan has revealed that his sitcom Man Like Mobeen is set to return for a fourth series
  • The new episodes will continue from Series 3, which saw Mobeen in jail
  • However, Khan has warned that filming may be delayed due to coronavirus safety concerns
Man Like Mobeen. Image shows from L to R: Nate (Tolulope Ogunmefun), Eight (Tez Ilyas), Aks (Duaa Karim), Mobeen (Guz Khan)

Man Like Mobeen is set to return for a fourth series.

The third series of the BBC Three sitcom finished in January on a cliffhanger, with creator and star Guz Khan's titular protagonist languishing in prison with Nate (Tolulope Ogunmefun); Eight (Tez Ilyas) apparently murdered; younger sister Aks (Duaa Karim) training to be a doctor; and the villainous Uncle Khan (Art Malik) said to have fled to Pakistan.

Khan, who co-writes the comedy about a reformed drug dealer living in Birmingham and struggling to stay out of trouble, with Andy Milligan, posted a photo of himself and Ogunmefun on their prison set on his social media, with the caption: "Eid Mubarak my G's... Oh, what's your present? These two will see you in 2021. SEASON 4 MLM"

The actor and stand-up has suggested that Mobeen and Nate will indeed seek out Khan on their release. But he warned that coronavirus has thrown filming schedules into disarray and viewers might not get to see the storyline for a while.

"The main thing is nobody knows what's going on with scheduling and filming at the moment" he told NME last week.

"So even if we go ahead with Series 4 of Man Like Mobeen, and I've got some exciting ideas - I definitely feel that part of the story would have to be told in Pakistan this time - but the problem is, the backlog of scheduling goes back to 2022, so I've got to make a real choice based on timelines and people's interest. If we can't make the show within a good framework, I might have to leave it where it is.

"Mobeen and Nate are currently in prison so if we go for Series 4 - which is hopefully on the cards - we're going to have to explore what Covid was like for those two in prison. Aqsa is a doctor now in the show so she would have been saving people's lives on the frontline."

Currently appearing on panel-cum-game show Comedy Game Night on Comedy Central, alongside host Liza Tarbuck and fellow team captain Sue Perkins, Khan is also developing a second sitcom based on his former life as a teacher.

"I've got to know Romesh Ranganathan well, as another teacher turned comedian. He said that no one else has come through as quickly as me" he told the Royal Television Society in February.

"I'd asked the school to hold my position because I'd be back in a year after having a bit of fun with comedy. But I never came close to going back, because it just kept building.

"I think it's because people gravitate towards someone they recognise. I'm one of their own and not fake. I'm not some RADA-trained actor, I've stumbled into this. But it seems to be going OK."

Khan, whose other recent credits include a recurring role in Idris Elba's Netflix comedy Turn Up Charlie and appearing in Mindy Kaling's Four Weddings And A Funeral remake for US TV, might also be set to star alongside Ranganathan, if the latter's family sitcom is picked up by the BBC.

Parental Guidance stars Ranganathan, who co-writes with Max Davis, and is based upon the pair's 2017 Radio 2 pilot of the same name, loosely modelled on the stand-up's own family life.

Co-starring Amanda Abbington as his wife, as he struggles to cope with his kids and overbearing mother, a non-broadcast pilot was shot for BBC One last year, featuring Khan as his younger brother.

A BBC spokesperson declined to comment to British Comedy Guide on Man Like Mobeen's return.

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