Me, Myself & Her. Image shows from L to R: Tom (Benji Dotan), Depression (Annina Kaski), Mia (Katherine Foxworthy).

Me, Myself & Her

YouTube sitcom about depression. 7 episodes (1 series) in 2019. Stars Katherine Foxworthy, Annina Kaski and Benji Dotan.

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Series 1

1. Depression

First published: Friday 25th October 2019

Mia's mundane life turns upside down due to the arrival of an unwanted houseguest.


2. In Trouble

First published: Friday 25th October 2019

Mia has an important day ahead of her but Depression has other ideas. Tom is not amused.


3. Staying in with the Egyptians

First published: Friday 1st November 2019

Depression third wheels Tom and Mia's plans for a quiet night in.


4. The House Party

First published: Friday 8th November 2019

Mia and Tom are invited to a friend's house party. Too bad Depression tags along. Shots might not have been a good idea...


5. Insomnia

First published: Friday 15th November 2019

While Tom is away for the night, Depression decides to keep Mia company. Mia struggles through a sleepless night.


6. Anxiety

First published: Friday 22nd November 2019

Depression introduces Mia to a new friend.


7. The Schedule

First published: Friday 29th November 2019

Depression makes Mia a 'helpful' schedule.