Lady Parts. Image shows from L to R: Ayesha (Juliette Motamed), Amina (Anjana Vasan). Copyright: Working Title Films.

Lady Parts

Comedy Blaps sitcom about a Muslim punk band. 1 episode in 2018. Stars Anjana Vasan, Ritu Arya, Juliette Motamed, Lucie Shorthouse and others.

Another series is in development.

Lady Parts. Image shows from L to R: Momtaz (Lucie Shorthouse), Ayesha (Juliette Motamed), Amina (Anjana Vasan), Bisma (Danielle Vitalis), Saira (Ritu Arya). Copyright: Working Title Films.

Lady Parts

Music comedy following a Muslim female punk band

Comedy Blaps
Anjana Vasan, Ritu Arya, Juliette Motamed, Lucie Shorthouse, Danielle Vitalis, David Avery, Shobu Kapoor, Madhav Sharma and others
Nida Manzoor
Nida Manzoor
Surian Fletcher-Jones

An anarchic and subversive music comedy following a Muslim female punk band, called Lady Parts.

Amina Hussein, dutiful daughter and geeky biochemical engineering PHD student, wants to find a husband and settle down. She also happens to shred a mean guitar and unbeknownst to her, Saira Shah, the tattooed, leather-clad front woman of Lady Parts, is desperate to find a lead guitarist. These two young women and their very different worlds are set on a collision course when Saira becomes convinced that Amina is the only woman for the job.

Using Amina's horniness as leverage, Saira nicknames her Thirsty (because she's reaching for that D...) and hooks her up on a date with one of the hot AF Alkaaf brothers - making her an offer she can't refuse.

Nida Manzoor said: "I am deeply thankful for the incredible support and encouragement from Channel 4 and Working Title; Giving me freedom and confidence to explore my voice and vision and providing constant positivity and guidance throughout the process. Making Lady Parts meant so much to me as it enabled me to show Muslim women for all the humour, diversity and strength they possess - rarely depicted this way in mainstream media.

"I loved making Lady Parts, as we were able to bring together an awesome ensemble cast as well as a crew of brilliant creatives, giving the show a distinct look and tone. Also, I was able to collaborate with my brothers and sister in making original music for the show, which was crazy fun and adds to the character of the piece."

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Production company
Laugh track

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First broadcast
Friday 21st December 2018 on Comedy Blaps
Episode length
13 minutes