La Princesa de Woking. Becky Hello (Emma Sidi).

La Princesa de Woking

YouTube sitcom telenovela spoof. 1 pilot in 2020. Stars Emma Sidi, Paolo Gasparini, Jacey Sall├ęs, Carlos Camino and others.

Press Clippings

First Gig, Worst Gig: Emma Sidi

She's enlivened lockdown with La Princesa de Woking, but where do Victoria Wood and a fake watch fit into Emma Sidi's backstory?

British Comedy Guide, 12th June 2020

La Princesa de Woking: Emma Sidi interview

Sidi's new online soap opera brings all the overheated thrills of Mexican telenovelas to the home counties.

Ryan Gilbey, The Guardian, 10th June 2020