Jack & Dean Of All Trades. Image shows from L to R: Jack (Jack Howard), Dean (Dean Dobbs).

Jack & Dean Of All Trades

Fullscreen sitcom starring YouTube stars Jack & Dean. 12 episodes (2 series), 2016 - 2017. Stars Jack Howard, Dean Dobbs, Jessica Hynes, Andrea Valls and Jessica Mescall.

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10 things you need to know about Jack & Dean Series 2

Has there been a void in your life since the first-season finale of Jack & Dean Of All Trades? Have you been unable to function without your weekly dose of comedy?

Clare Fitzgerald, Ten Eighty Magazine, 16th March 2017

This ridiculous show features Jack Howard and Dean Dobbs, whose fame is built on YouTube videos, as two friends who blunder their way through a series of temporary jobs after losing their respectable positions at a bank.

The binge-worthy first season found them accidentally caught up in a bank robbery that left Jack's girlfriend in jail but Jack and Dean with a suitcase full of cash. In Season 2, they're still temping - the opener finds them trying to be lifeguards - while dealing with the repercussions of the robbery. This series also has a Lottie (Jessica Mescall), Jack's sister, who complicates their work lives in amusing ways.

Neil Genzlinger, The New York Times, 15th March 2017