#HoodDocumentary. R.S (Kayode Ewumi).


BBC Three (Online) and YouTube sitcom. 8 episodes (2 series), 2015 - 2016. Stars Kayode Ewumi, Hana Oliveira and Tyrell Williams.

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YouTube Series

1. Introducing R.S.

First published: Sunday 11th October 2015

We followed Reece, aka R.S, in his day to day endeavours around his 'Hood' as he promised to show us how he is a perfect example of a young and upcoming creative. In this episode, we are introduced to some of his friends for the first time and get a sneak peak of of his musical and acting talent.


2. All About Impulse

First published: Wednesday 25th November 2015

We follow R.S. as he goes to an audition which his youth worker has got for him.