Alternative comedy newsletter The Sunday Dreadful launches

Friday 2nd December 2022, 12:29pm

The Sunday Dreadful

A new alternative comedy email newsletter is launching.

The Sunday Dreadful will begin hitting inboxes from Sunday 11th December, featuring contributions from comedy writers and performers from around the UK.

The organisers explain: "Distributed weekly, while most newsletters are monthly, The Sunday Dreadful exists to fill a hole left after an exodus of users from Twitter and a lack of other text-based online spaces. It will allow comics and writers without their own newsletters to share content in a non-video format, while keeping inboxes uncluttered.

"Featuring written material from regular and guest writers, columns will include comment, features, advice, op-ed and slander all along a weekly theme. Previous editions will be available to subscribers."

Andy Barr, Aniruddh Ojha, Cerys Bradley, Eleanor Morton and Izzie P will be amongst the contributors in the first edition.

Benjamin Alborough

Editor-in-Chief Benjamin Alborough says: "The Sunday Dreadful was founded to give a voice to the voiceless; comedians and writers on Twitter. Our only goal: to get one billion subscribers.

"The Sunday Dreadful is text based. There will be no sharing of videos. Nothing but sweet, nourishing text. Expect articles each week based around a theme. Sometimes that theme will be 'there isn't a theme' when the Editor-in-Chief forgets.

"Each week we'll have 4 or 5 columns from guest and recurring writers of an extremely readable length. So readable that when you open it you'll briefly reflect upon how nice it is before slamming it into the trash."

Subscribe to The Sunday Dreadful for free here

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