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Father Of The Fringe. Dominic Frisby
Father Of The Fringe

Father Of The Fringe

  • Online documentary
  • 2021
  • 1 episode

Dominic Frisby presents a documentary about the history and economics of the Edinburgh Fringe. Also features Peter Buckley Hill, Jimmy Carr, Shazia Mirza, Al Murray, Arthur Smith and more.


Press clippings

The Fringe an example of Adam Smith's "invisible hand"

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the biggest arts festival in the world. But its incredible success isn't down to careful planning, says Dominic Frisby. It's the result of pure self-interest.

MoneyWeek, 18th August 2021

Father Of The Fringe review

This film is a celebration of what makes the Fringe - at least in normal times - so thrilling and mad and creative and vast. In lieu of a full-on festival, it might be the closest to that excitement many people will get this year.

Chortle, 12th August 2021

Online Fringe review: Dominic Frisby - Adam Smith

If you have made it to Edinburgh - whether as a punter or a performer - why not get the full intel on the Edinburgh Fringe by watching Dominic Frisby's illuminating documentary film about the history of the Festival? In fact it's an online show so if you have any interest in Fringe history and you are anywhere in the world this month this will do much to fill in the gaps.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 8th August 2021

Edinburgh Fringe economics scrutinised in new film

Jimmy Carr and Al Murray are among the comedians featured in a new documentary film about the economics of the Edinburgh Fringe. Father Of The Fringe, presented by Dominic Frisby, explores the links between the arts festival and the principles of free market economic theory laid down by 18th century philosopher Adam Smith.

British Comedy Guide, 10th June 2021

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