YouTube sketch show from the 3MMs. 5 episodes (1 series) in 2020. Stars Susan Graham, Carol Parradine and Lesley-Anne Webb.

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Series 1

1. Episode One

First published: Thursday 8th October 2020

The Princesses get together for a much-needed lunch to catch up on things, and Satsoomarooma are set to make a comeback. Meanwhile what exactly are the old ladies discussing at the bus stop?


2. Episode Two

First published: Thursday 15th October 2020

The old ladies are having a night out at the bingo, the princesses go speed dating, Satsoomarooma have an important meeting with their agent and Martia does her bit to help the nation look good.


3. Episode Three

First published: Thursday 22nd October 2020

The old ladies take up Zumba, the princesses show off their signature dishes, Satsoomarooma are set to sing on a charity single, and life coach Ariella offers some advice.


4. Episode Four

First published: Thursday 29th October 2020

What exactly will the Princesses choose at Rapunzel's Retreat? Will Satsoomarooma get their big break? Plus, some tips from Flossy the Naked Housewife.


5. Episode Five

First published: Thursday 5th November 2020

T42 continues - will the waitress finally run out of patience? Plus, more from Satsoomarooma, the princesses and the old ladies.