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Friday 3rd September 2021

"The test of a great comedy idea is often how simple the 'logline' is." - Jan Etherington

Not long after BCG Pro launched, coronavirus turned up, putting a block on some of our plans just as much as everyone else's. The intention was never for Pro to be an online-only service, so we're excited to start this fortnight's newsletter by talking about two in-person events.


Networking: Manchester in November

We're delighted to be holding our first ever social event in Manchester, this November, and we'd love to see you there! There'll be a talk (with Q&A) from a top comedy practitioner followed by drinks, networking and socialising. We'll have more news on the guest and date soon, but in the meantime if you live in or near the city we'd love to hear suggestions for venues (you can reply to this email) - think around the 50-100 people mark, so more along the lines of a pub with decent private room rather than a theatre.

Not in Manchester? We'll be organising similar events in other cities in 2022. Please select which cities you'd be up for meeting in, to help us plan.

Meanwhile The Big Comedy Conference, delayed from 2020, looks set to finally go ahead in April 2022. Yay! More news soon!

Felicity Ward

BCG Pro Talent Awards: Performance

The similarly delayed live final of our 2020 stand-up competition is finally due to take place in a fortnight - that's Friday 17th September 2021 - at the intimate Museum Of Comedy in central London. We're delighted to announce the brilliant Felicity Ward will be our MC for the night, introducing seven top comedy talents to perform for your entertainment. We'd love to see you in the audience - say hello at the bar afterwards! Tickets.

The deadline to enter the 2021 competition (which will have a final in early 2022) is the end of October. Enter.

12 rules of life (and comedy writing)

12 rules of life (and comedy writing)

Dave Cohen has been thinking a lot about life recently. If you're a comedy writer, you're likely to find some very useful points in his conclusions.

Digital Puppets - Virtual Comedian

Digital Puppets - Virtual Comedian

Interested in being the co-owner in an exciting comedy project to launch an animated stand-up comedian? The deadline to apply is the end of this month. It'd be an ideal project for someone good at writing stand-up jokes but with no desire to get on stage themselves, or a writer-performer who wants to try something new.

BCG Pro Sessions video: Christine Rose

BCG Pro Sessions video: Christine Rose Paywall

What's it like in a TV panel show writers' room? That question, and many more, are answered in this 70 minute video recording of our BCG Pro Sessions interview with top gag writer Christine Rose. It's a really great discussion and well worth your time this weekend.

Punching Up vs Punching Down

Punching Up vs Punching Down Paywall

As a comedy writer or stand-up you may have heard the phrase "punch up, not down" or a variation thereof. Finding the right target is an essential ingredient in both the ethics and funniness of your material.

Sitcom Geeks

Sitcom Geeks

Dave Cohen and James Cary use their latest podcast to delve deep into creating relationships between characters.

BCG Pro Gag-a-week competition

BCG Pro Gag-a-Week competition Paywall

"The military" is this week's topic. Amazingly we actually wrote and scheduled all the subjects a full year ago, so this one popping out now has more than a little topicality to it!

The Secret Reviewer #30: Ghosts in the Machine

The Secret Reviewer #30: Ghosts in the Machine

Does it matter who writes a stand-up's material? That's the topic the un-named professional comedy reviewer is pondering in her, his (or their?) latest column.


This section of our newsletter is where we showcase BCG Pro subscribers. Want to appear here? Just email us back.

Comedy Casebook: Michael Monkhouse

Stand-up comedian and comedy writer Michael Monkhouse showcases his distinct brand of humour via our Comedy Casebook format (give it a go yourself: you'll find it within the Profile Editor tool). He's packed all his answers with jokes - that's the way we like it!

Cosmo Wellings

Cosmo Wellings

Actor and writer Cosmo Wellings, one half of comedy duo Uncle Shortbread, is one of our newest members. Check out his videos page as there are some really inventive and funny ideas on display.

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There's more exclusive content coming soon to BCG Pro, including a must-read feature detailing what Wildseed Studios are looking for when awarding their £10,000 investments. In the meantime, there's plenty to catch-up on via the website. For example, have you read our article about cutting down sketches yet?

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