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Friday 28th May 2021

"'Making it' is often my clueless idea of how I want things to be - things won't actually be like that" - A wise article from Barry Ferns on 'making it' in comedy

Ever wondered about what agents do? Or how you get on the radar of an agent? Don't miss our next BCG Pro Sessions Zoom interview on Thursday...

Lily Williams

BCG Pro Sessions - Thursday 3rd June at 7pm Paywall

We'll be talking live to top agent Lily Williams next Thursday, to find out more about agents, agencies, and representing writers and directors. Join us live to ask her questions or - if you're busy - pre-submit a question.

Kiri Pritchard-McLean and Stuart Goldsmith's podcasting tips

Kiri Pritchard-McLean and Stuart Goldsmith's podcasting tips Paywall

Stand-up comedians and podcast hosts Kiri Pritchard-McLean and Stuart Goldsmith talk in this hour-long video about growing your podcast audience, how to be a good presenter, monetisation, and more.

Sky Comedy REP launched to find comic plays

Sky Comedy REP launched to find comic plays

Sky Studios and Birmingham Repertory Theatre have joined together to launch Sky Comedy REP. This exciting scheme - which features top mentors - will see nine writers selected to be paid to develop their one-act stage plays.

Lloyd Griffith on the leap from stand-up to presenting live TV

Lloyd Griffith on the leap from stand-up to presenting live TV Paywall

From Grimsby Town videos to Soccer AM and his new singing-at-football series, Lloyd Griffith is now a grizzled veteran of sports presenting. In this article he talks us through that big jump from stand-up.

We Are Lady Parts

We Are Lady Parts: Pilot versus series

If, like us, you're interested in the nerdy specifics of comedy, you'll find it interesting to check out We Are Lady Parts, Channel 4's new sitcom. Compare the short 2018 pilot to last week's Episode 1 on All 4. The latter is almost a scene-by-sceen recreation of the former, with some very enlightening dialogue changes and production choices. Notice that even the slightest adjustment can enhance the comedy.

How to be original in comedy

How to be original in comedy Paywall

Today, originality in comedy is extremely important. How will you rise above the rabble?


Writers' Guild

A reminder about the Writers' Guild. You can join as a Candidate Member for £9 a month, with benefits including support and advice, contract vetting, training, and more.

Pitch Centre

Pitch Centre

Thank you to all who've entered your scripts and ideas to Pitch Centre, the brand new BCG Pro system linking creators with producers. We'll be opening access for producers soon - look out for an email update on this soon. If you're not sure what we're talking about, click through to find out more.

20 challenges to being a comedy writer

20 challenges in being a comedy writer Paywall

We asked some full-time comedy writers to list negatives of the job. It's an enlightening look at the realities of the work as they explain 20 problems that exist within the industry.


Online comedy courses

How to Write Your Own One Woman Show - a six week online masterclass led by Jane Postlethwaite - is the latest course added to our directory. Also starting in June are courses from Chris Head on creating characters, writing narrative comedy (e.g. sitcom), sketch writing, and more.

Sitcom Geeks

Sitcom Geeks

The latest episode of Sitcom Geeks is actually about sketches. The hosts talk to Charlie Dinkin and Ben Sutton from new production company Daddy's Super Yacht, and sketch writer and performers Becca Bain and Alex Garrick-Wright.

BBC Writersroom

BBC Writersroom: What is comedy drama?

The results of the BBC Writersroom Script Room window have just been sent out. This was essentially their Drama window, but for the first time they read comedy dramas as part of that too. Here's a resultant blog post from one of the competition's readers. It discusses the differences between sitcom, comedy drama, and drama.

Opportunities Hub

Opportunities Hub Paywall

The latest Opportunities Hub posts include QI looking for a research intern; a three-month remote working assistant job with live comedy agency Corrie McGuire Management; Netflix Screenwriters' Fellowship (£22,000 for new writers from under-represented backgrounds); and more.


This section of our newsletter is where we showcase BCG Pro subscribers. Want to appear here? Just email us back.

The Green & Pleasant Guide

The first episode of this new animated series launched online today and we think it's really impressive. BCG Pro member Joe Reaney is the co-writer, producer and director (alongside Will Noble). Benpics is behind the animation. Check it out!

Comedy Casebook

Comedy Casebook: Philip Simon

Stand-up comedian Philip Simon has taken the time to give some great, in-depth responses to our Casebook questions. Check out his answers by clicking through on the link.

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Have a lovely long weekend. A great time to think about your next comedy project!

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