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Friday 30th April 2021

"Creativity takes courage" - Henri Matisse

As we head into a bank holiday weekend that's ripe for comedy creation, here's our latest update on what's occurring on BCG Pro and in the wider UK comedy community.

Pitch Centre

Pitch Centre

Our all-new system to connect you to producers is now live! If you fancy being one of the first to try it, do sign in and upload details of what you're working on.

Production Awards

Producers / Directors: Production Awards close tonight

Our annual awards looking to identify talented up-and-coming producers and directors close for entries tonight. If you've produced, directed or edited podcast, online video or short film you're proud of, do enter it today. We have a top judging panel set to look over the submissions.

Opportunities Hub

Opportunities Hub Paywall

A radio station is looking for participants to appear on its new panel show; BBC Studios is hiring a new producer; The Comedy Crowd are running a TikTok challenge; a sound recordist is required for a filming project; and more. Some of the deadlines are this weekend, so do click into our system today.

Writing Awards

BCG Pro Talent Awards - Writing

Our annual awards for comedy writing open tomorrow. Click through now to see the requirements. This year we're after two audio sketches: one set in a hotel room, and one themed around a romantic relationship. The deadline is the end of July.

BCG Pro Sessions video: Robert Popper

BCG Pro Sessions video: Robert Popper Paywall

Here's the recording of our most recent BCG Pro Sessions Q&A. It's an hour-long chat with top comedy writer, script editor, producer and performer Robert Popper. He talks about creating Friday Night Dinner, his writing process, and many other topics.

Free excerpts from Creating Comedy Narratives For Stage & Screen by Chris Head

Free excerpts from Creating Comedy Narratives For Stage & Screen by Chris Head

Here - for free - are the first 17 pages of Chris Head's new book Creating Comedy Narratives for Stage and Screen.

Introducing SREP: set-up, reveal, escalation, payoff

Introducing SREP: set-up, reveal, escalation, payoff Paywall

Following on from the above item, BCG Pro members can also read another chapter from Chris Head's book in which he introduces SREP: a structure that can be used in writing sketches, sitcom scenes and stand-up.

My Comedy Career: Sebastian Thiel

My Comedy Career: Sebastian Thiel Paywall

Sebastian Thiel has just finished directing the TV sitcom pilot Dreaming Whilst Black. We caught up with him to find out how he has built up his career. He has some great tips around focusing on yourself.

James Cary

James Cary blogs

Across the last fortnight, James Cary has been writing various blogs on the topic of mainstream sitcom success. If you read his thoughts, it'll hopefully spur you on to consider working on a show with broad appeal and the huge rewards that come with it.

How to write great characters who work with the plot

How to write great characters who work with the plot Paywall

Jack Bernhardt discusses ensuring that your plots and characters are working together, so there's never a scenario where you character ends up doing something they absolutely would never do.

10 ways to overcome Writer's Block

10 ways to overcome writer's block Paywall

In this article we discuss ten ways that comedy writers can deal with writer's block. From questioning your characters to the 45 minute rule, this advice should help you fill that next page of script.

Amplified comedy writing contest launched by Transition Stage Company

Amplified comedy writing contest launched by Transition Stage Company

A new scriptwriting initiative to find burgeoning comedy writers from black, Asian and minority communities has been launched by Birmingham-based Transition Stage Company. The deadline to enter is 30th July.

Giving and receiving notes

Giving and receiving notes Paywall

Feedback and suggestions appear at every step of the writing, producing or pitching processes. In this article we talk about the best ways to both give and receive notes.

Sitcom Geeks

Sitcom Geeks

The latest Sitcom Geeks podcast is titled 'Where Do You Start?'. The hosts talk about big entrances, life changing starts, tough choices and more.

Free Festival director pessimistic for a meaningful Edinburgh Fringe

Free Festival director pessimistic for a meaningful Edinburgh Fringe

The Edinburgh Festival is open for registrations from the 5th May, however it still remains unclear how many venues will be available for live performances. Alex Petty - director of the Edinburgh Fringe's popular Free Festival, which offers venue space to hundreds of comedy shows - says the Scottish Government's strict covid safety measures means almost all of its 38 rooms will likely remain closed this August.

BCG Pro Gag-a-week competition

BCG Pro Gag-a-Week competition Paywall

"Banks" is the topic we've set for our joke competition this week. Challenge yourself to come up with a new oneliner this weekend? Put on a balaclava if you think it'd help you.


Get 1-2-1 help via Skills Academy

As ever, our Skills Academy section has a page in which external providers offer up their services. BCG Pro members get an automatic discount too. If you're looking for help with a script, check out their offerings.

We also have a courses directory. Bennett Arron's daily online comedy writing workshop returns on 24th May, and there's a couple of places left on Chris Head's 8th June Creating Comedy Characters Zoom session (just £12 for that one).

Sooz Kempner

Inside Track Library

If you're looking to learn something over the next three days, or just be inspired, don't forget our Inside Track Library has dozens of articles ready for you to devour. For example, we've linked here to our collection on how to successfully stream online. Use the filter at the top to change to a different topic.


This section of our newsletter is where we showcase BCG Pro subscribers. Want to appear here? Just email us back.

Lorna Riley's Swipe Right

BCG Pro member Lorna Riley has had her romantic comedy drama Swipe Right recorded by The Script Department. Have a listen to the 24 minute podcast by clicking the link above. Her script focuses on Nancy, a twenty-something cardiologist who is looking for love, but risks being railroaded by her mother into dating the wrong guy.

Comedy Casebook

Comedy Casebook: James Horscroft

James Horscroft is the leader of comedy group The Biscuit Barrel (they're currently advertising in Opportunities Hub for a member to join them). As he explains in his Comedy Casebook interview, the group started in 2016 as an open project at university and he "got a bit carried away".

Thanks for reading

We'll email a full update to everyone who entered the Baby Cow Programme Creator opportunity as soon as we have news, but just to let everyone know now: all the treatments have been read by multiple people and things are into the tricky decisions phase! Thanks for your patience.

Have a lovely long-weekend!

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