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Friday 10th May 2019

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If you've ever had material broadcast on Newsjack, please make sure you scroll to the bottom to read about that.

Running short of time? BCG Pro members have been praising Steve Nelson's interview for being filled to the brim with useful info, so don't miss that.

News and features

NextUp launches bursary to film stand-up specials

NextUp launches bursary to film stand-up specials

Comedy streaming service NextUp has launched a special bursary to broaden the range of comedians available on their platform.

Mark Talbot leaves Hat Trick for Beano

Mark Talbot leaves Hat Trick for Beano

Hat Trick's Head of Comedy Development has joined Beano Studios.

Getting Comedy On The Radio

Getting Comedy On The Radio Paywall

A podcast discussion about how to get your ideas heard on the radio.

Janine Harouni and Helen Bauer win 99 Club bursary 2019

Janine Harouni and Helen Bauer win 99 Club bursary 2019

Janine Harouni and Helen Bauer were the comedians selected at the 99 Club's 2019 Female & Non-Binary Comedy Bursary showcase.

The Secret Reviewer #2: Joke Fatigue

The Secret Reviewer #2: Joke Fatigue Paywall

Every month our clandestine critic reveals the murky truths behind that infamous trade, and live comedy generally. This month: Why comedy reviewers often seem to hate jokes.

Developing Sitcoms

Developing Sitcoms Paywall

A panel discussion in which Andrew Ellard, Vicki Pepperdine, Simon Nye and Tom Edge discuss creating situation comedies.

Steve Nelson: Creating a sitcom for Audible

Steve Nelson: Creating a sitcom for Audible Paywall

Steve Nelson talks about what it's like to make a sitcom for Audible Originals. Along the way he offers tips on structuring a show and how to write a treatment.

Jokes without words

Jokes without words Paywall

A podcast discussion about dialogue-free comedy. Julian Dutton, Mark Burton and Mellie Buse discuss how to script visual comedy gags.

Help with anxiety about improvising

Help with anxiety about improvising Paywall

Steve Roe, director of Hoopla Impro, discusses how performers can deal with anxiety in relation to performing improvised comedy.

BAFTA Breakthrough Brits open for applications

BAFTA Breakthrough Brits open for applications

Applications are now open for the BAFTA Breakthrough Brits scheme.

Sitcom Geeks talks to BBC's Gareth Edwards

Sitcom Geeks talks to BBC's Gareth Edwards

BBC executive producer Garth Edwards talks to the Sitcom Geeks podcast about the importance of a good pitch, the problem with treatments, translating notes, and more.

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BCG Pro's BlackBook is full of data. We're not sure everyone has discovered the 'Data Search' option in there yet. For example, there's a tool to help you check if your episode titles are unique.

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British Comedy Guide has credits for all 121 episodes of Newsjack - the only place you can find complete credits. However, for many episodes, we've had to get the list of writers by just listening to the end credits. This means we've had to guess some spellings!

If you've ever written for Newsjack, please help us out by...

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Project Spotlight

This section of our newsletter is a place where we'll be showcasing the work of BCG Pro members. With many commissioners and producers subscribed, it's a great chance to get your project seen. If you're a BCG Pro subscriber and have a podcast, web series, short film or other creation you'd like to share with the community, reply to tell us about it.


Scumbags is a comedy project from BCG Pro member Chris J Windle. As he tells us: "Scumbags is a new crime sitcom set in Essex. No fake tans or white stilettos here, just plenty of dodgy birds and geezers!"

It's set around four friends in their late twenties who have grown up together in Basildon. When the pilot was uploaded, Chris was able to capitalise publicity-wise on headlines based around the furore of local residents. He pointed out to newspapers at the time: "We are not saying everybody in Basildon is a scumbag!"

Chris has now written and produced a follow-up episode, and is now working on developing his format further. Recently he and his team filmed a series of short sketches involving the characters.

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Quote of the week: "We got 2,728 scripts in total and are already busy reading" - BBC Writersroom, reporting on their recent submission window.

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