ITV reveals 2008 comedy line-up

Thursday 15th November 2007, 6:11am

ITV director of television Simon Shaps has now announced the network's early 2008 schedule. Their winter line-up will be heavily drama-focused, however there are a number of new comedies peppered through the listings.

We've reported these comedies previously, however we now have more detail about each...

Thank God You're Here

A new series hosted by Paul Merton based upon a hit Australian show of the same title. The show will bring together a group of talented and well known personalities and ask them to take on the ultimate dramatic challenge - to step through a door into a scene they know nothing about. They'll be given a costume, props and a set... the only thing they won't have is a script.

Filmed in front of a live audience, each week's guests will be unaware of the scenario that they are about to walk into. They could be dressed in anything from a policeman's uniform to a cheerleader's outfit. They will be guided through a door by Paul to be greeted by the line, "Thank God You're Here." After that, they'll have to survive on their wits alone and blag their way through the scene.

It's about bluffing. Pretending you know what's going on when it's patently obvious you're completely out of your depth.

Paul Merton will be returning to his improvisation roots by starring in his very own scene each week too.

Here's a YouTube clip from the Australian version which gives a good idea of what the show is about.

CGI Britain

Using the latest 3-D computer generated animation and hottest writing voice talents around, CGI Britain is satire at its most cutting edge.

From Gordon Brown to Jordan, Vladimir Putin to Prince Harry, David Cameron to Jennifer Aniston - no-one is safe. You'll watch Mohamed al Fayed's World of Conspiracies and Dames Helen Mirren and Judi Dench picking on Kate Winslet (and sounding remarkably like south London schoolgirls).

The show is written by the cream of British writing talent, responsible for Little Britain, Black Books, Harry Hills's TV Burp, Spitting Image and The Peter Serafinowicz Show among others. The voice artists include Katy Brand, Kayvan Novak (from E4's Fonejacker) and Omid Djallili.

Teenage Kicks

Sitcom starring Adrian Edmondson, based on the BBC radio sitcom.

Why are teenage dreams so hard to beat? Meet Vernon, a switched on, plugged in, super cool kinda guy. He's an ex-front man of rock roll punk band that lived breathed anarchy every turn. At least that's what he'd have you believe. Unfortunately for this couldn't be further from the truth.

Following a spectacularly nasty divorce, Vernon (Adrian Edmondson) moves in with his teenage kids. A rebel in his youth (or so he thinks), he is genuinely excited about living in their student flat, seeing this new found freedom as an opportunity to 'get down with the kids' and be young and reckless again.

Vernon has spent the last two decades living off his high-flying wife while spending vast quantities of his time in a comfy pub in the 'wild, party capital' that is Godalming. Now he's back in the 'real' world: free, with no ties and no responsibilities. OK, he's alone, unemployable, and the local kids keep nicking the wheels off his car but these are just minor set backs. At least now he can rekindle the embers of his glorious youth and be as hedonistic, as irresponsible and as selfish and idle as his kids. Naturally, his kids, Max (Ed Coleman) and Milly (Laura Aikman), and their flatmate David (Jonathan Chan-Pensley), are mortified.

Teenage Kicks is written by Adrian Edmondson (The Young Ones, Filthy Rich, Catflap, Bottom, The Comic Strip Presents) and Nigel Smith (The Bill, Doctors and Nurses and Vent).


Benidorm, created and written by award-winning writer Derren Litten, returns for second series to the delights of the all inclusive Solana Resort in Benidorm, bringing together fiesta of bullfighting, arm wrestling, romance, night-time beach activities and... cucumber.

Back at the popular resort are The Garveys: Mick (Steve Pemberton), Janice (Siobhan Finneran), kids Telle and Michael, and outspoken grandma Madge (Sheila Reid). There's also two new arrivals to the family: Mel (Geoffrey Hutchings) – owner of five sun bed shops and Didsbury's answer to Julio Inglesias - and 17 year old Telle's new baby, Coolio.

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