Peep Show to be re-made in America

Friday 4th May 2007, 8:05am

Peep Show, the cult British sitcom about two socially dysfunctional twenty-somethings who share a South London flat, is to be adapted for an American market.

Pangea Productions, a US subsidiary of UK based RDF Media, have announced that they have come to an agreement with Objective Productions to adapt Peep Show to create a sitcom which will be broadcast on US cable network Spike TV. Curb Your Enthusiasm's Executive Producer Robert Weide will be leading the project - he will write and direct the American version. There is no news yet on who will play the central characters of Mark and Jeremy.

It should be noted that an American re-make of Peep Show has been attempted before. In 2005 Fox Network created a pilot, however were not happy with the result. However this new project is more likely to make it to air successfully as Spike TV is a smaller station with a young adult demographic who will be more willing to nurture a cult comedy to success.

The sitcom, which stars David Mitchell and Robert Webb, is currently in its fourth season on Channel 4 here in the UK with a fifth confirmed. BBC America is also showing the comedy - they have reached season two stateside. Although Peep Show is not a ratings smash, the series has been met with critical acclaim; some have gone as far as calling it "the best sitcom of the decade".

This news means Peep Show joins a long list of British comedies currently being re-made for American audiences as producers scramble to try and engineer another success story like NBC's version of The Office (which is soon to begin a 4th season!). Other Britcoms currently being re-created abroad include I'm With Stupid and The IT Crowd.

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