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Simon Day and Friends

Simon Day
  • 14th Sep 2022 - 26th Nov 2022

Best known as one of the stars of The Fast Show and Bellamy's People, with Paul Whitehouse, Simon Day takes to the road this autumn with his new show Simon Day and Friends.

On a tour that runs from September to November and stretches across the length and breadth of England and Scotland, Day is accompanied by a rich array of some of his most loved and instanttly recognisable characters, including blazer wearing music hall legend Tommy Cockles, the acclaimed Yorkshire poet Geoffrey Allerton, unlikely eco warrior Dave Angel and reformed violent criminal Tony Beckton.

TOMMY COCKLES says: "Great to be travelling around the country again, in the old days I was in a double act with David Niven. We could only afford a single room and he would hang off my shoulders so the landlady would only hear one pair of feet!!"

DAVE ANGEL says: "I will be spreading autumnal vibes throughout the land, eeeee."

TONY BECKTON says: "The government have allowed me to take my tag off for the shows!"

GEOFFERY ALLERTON says: "I will be travelling by bicycle as the trains are too expensive and the smell of different crisp flavours causes migraines"

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