Random 8

Ola Labib

Ola Labib

One random comedian, eight random questions; it's the ultimate test of funny person and fate. This week we welcome Ola Labib, who has rapidly made big strides on the circuit. But next week it's all about wheels.

Labib is performing at Jokes and Spokes on Tuesday 7th, a fundraiser for The Bike Project, a London/Birmingham-based charity which fixes up second-hand cycles, and gives them to refugees. Brilliantly simple. This starry show takes place at London's legendary Comedy Store and also features Simon Brodkin, Olga Koch, Tiff Stevenson, Stuart Laws, and MC Jen Brister.

Nice - and they're offering both live and watch-online tickets, which seems sensible nowadays. So how has Ola found the return to in-person gigging?

"I can't describe the excitement of being able to do live shows again," says the increasingly busy comic. "Seeing an audience and feeling their energy gives me such a boost, and I love sharing my message with everyone."

Stoked. Ola Labib, your Random 8 await.

Ola Labib

Who is (or was) your most interesting relative?

My grandmother (my father's mother). She had a small wooden box under her bed for as far as I can remember, and she kept all the things she wanted to be buried with in that box. I wore Britney Spears perfume once and when I sat next to her she said I smelt good and asked if she could keep the bottle to put in her box so she could be sprayed with it when she was dead...

Which historical figure should get more attention?

Thomas Beecham. He got a lot of people out of "shit" situations. He invented the first laxative in the UK in 1924. I can imagine that took a lot of pressure off hospital gastroenterology departments, pressure off GP's and pressure off people's bowels.

What's the oddest thing you've ever eaten?

The lining of a goat's small intestine - raw - topped with bile fresh from the goat's gallbladder, peanut butter and fresh chilli. Please note: I had no idea what I was eating until after. It was chewy and bitter... but I loved the peanut butter with bile.

Which low-key law would you introduce?

No tax on cheese.

Ola Labib

What's the best thing you ever bought a ticket for?

I paid £1.50 to watch my little brother in his school nativity play when he was six. He had told me he had a main part from the Bible... he was the Christmas Alien. I mustn't have been paying attention during religious education.

Which book should we all read, to make life a bit better?

The Hobbit. Because no matter how ashy, calloused and hairy your feet are, you will always find happiness.

What's the worst thing in your wardrobe?

OK, I personally don't think it's the worst, but I have this yellow jumper that I bought for a fiver in 2011. I bloody love it. I wear it out, to work and to sleep. I refuse to get rid of it. I have to hide it because all my friends and family want it burnt because they are so sick of seeing it... and smelling it? It's my guilty pleasure.

Which place you've visited was the biggest anti-climax?

Wigan. I thought it was going to be bad... turns out it was REALLY bad.

Ola Labib appears at Jokes and Spokes at London's Comedy Store on Tuesday December 7th. Info & tickets

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