Lauren Pattison writes debut play

Friday 30th April 2021, 10:51am by Jay Richardson

  • Stand-up Lauren Pattison has written her first play, about a comedian's nightmare gig
  • The Last Laugh will be streamed from Newcastle's Alphabetti Theatre between 4th and 15th May
  • Pattison says the play is about: "those horrendous, rock-bottom gigs where you're like 'why do I do this?'"
Lauren Pattison.

Lauren Pattison has written her first play, about a stand-up confronting a nightmare gig.

The Last Laugh is one of three 20-minute pieces being staged at the Alphabetti Theatre in Newcastle next week, from Tuesday to the 15th of May.

Pattison also stars in the semi-autobiographical piece as stand-up Katie Baker, returning to play her most dreaded venue after a horrific night that she'll never forget.

In an interview with British Comedy Guide published today, the former Edinburgh Comedy Award best newcomer nominee explained that she "pooled together" memories of "those horrendous, rock-bottom gigs where you're like 'why do I do this?'

"But I also thought about the top ones. And the moment when I got the Fringe nomination. I bottled all of those feelings, the conflict between the two of comedy making me feel so bad but also so good. That's why I keep doing it."

Baker is essentially her but "where I was a few years ago.

"She's at that awkward stage in your career where you're not an open spot anymore, you're getting paid gigs. But she's not at that level where the general public would know who she is. She probably couldn't do her own tour and maybe feels a little stuck, which I can definitely relate to. More so now because of Covid. That point where you're too far in to give up."

Directed by Jonluke McKie, performances of The Last Laugh and plays by Kay Greyson and Richard Boggie will be livestreamed from the theatre at 7.30pm, though there is hope that small bubbles will be allowed to watch the pieces live in the theatre.

You can book tickets for the Listen In plays on a 'pay what you feel' basis via

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