John Kearns to tour in 2018

Wednesday 15th November 2017, 10:00am

  • John Kearns is to tour the UK in 2018 with his latest show
  • He will perform Don't Worry, They're Here in various venues between January and May 2018
Red Dwarf fans dressed as the character Kryten make their way to a special screening in London. John Kearns.

John Kearns is to tour the UK in 2018 with his critically acclaimed show Don't Worry They're Here.

His promoters confirm: "The only winner of both the Best Show and Best Newcomer Edinburgh Comedy Awards, John Kearns is taking his new bold, funny and thought-provoking show, directed by Jon Brittain, on tour in 2018 after a successful sold out run at the Soho Theatre."

Don't Worry, They're Here is billed as a comic, heart-warming monologue "that highlights the absurdities of the ordinary."

The tour organisers explain: "This is a stand-up routine of someone who has the everyday worries of the common man in a small world, but who is unusually insistent in expressing them. Rooted in the seemingly mundane conversations with his local cafe owner and a story about a bet he placed at the bookies, Kearns springboards from the minutia in British culture into an exploration of universal fears and human emotion.

"With a show that travels from a massage parlour, to a supermarket check-out and then to a horse racing track, this fast-paced comedy tour de force, is an emotional yet hilarious story that highlights the fragility and absurdity of life."

A full list of tour dates are below.

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Tour Dates

John Kearns.Coventry (Warwick Arts Centre) - 28th January 2018

Glasgow (The Stand Comedy Club) - 29th January 2018

Edinburgh (Monkey Barrel) - 30th & 31st January 2018

Manchester (The Bread Shed) - 1st February 2018

Oxford (The North Wall Arts Centre) - 3rd February 2018

Bristol (The Wardrobe Theatre) - 4th February 2018

Canterbury (Marlowe Theatre) - 7th February 2018

Leicester (Heroes @ The Criterion) - 10th February 2018

York (The Basement) - 11th February 2018

Bath (Rondo Theatre) - 17th February 2018

Norwich (The Garage) - 21st February 2018

Sheffield (DINA) - 22nd February 2018

Leicester (Heroes @ The Criterion) - 24th February 2018

Aldershot (West End Centre) - 1st March 2018

Brighton (Komedia) - 7th March 2018

Reading (South Street Arts Centre) - 8th March 2018

London (Battersea Arts Centre) - 21st to 26th May 2018

Wells Comedy Festival - 27th May 2018

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