Live stage version of I'm Sorry, I'll Read That Again to tour

Thursday 9th February 2017, 7:14pm

I'm Sorry, I'll Read That Again

The forerunner to I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue is to be revived for a live stage show touring Britain from March to July.

I'm Sorry, I'll Read That Again was a Radio 4 sketch show running for 8 series from 1964 to 1973. It starred John Cleese, Graeme Garden, Bill Oddie, Tim Brooke-Taylor, David Hatch and Jo Kendall, spawning the continuing hit series I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue.

Now, Graeme Garden, Tim Brooke-Taylor and Jo Kendall are to appear - with "celebrity fan" Mitch Benn - in cameo appearances on a live tour.

I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again... Again! has been adapted for stage by Barnaby Eaton-Jones and ISIHAC historian Jem Roberts, from scripts and songs written by Graeme Garden and Bill Oddie. It will be directed by Kim Jones, produced by Barnaby Eaton-Jones, and top radio producer Dirk Maggs is on hand in an executive role.

Audiences will be treated to a souvenir brochure celebrating the original radio show, with new contributions from all the original cast, as well as early series writer Eric Idle, production PA Lizzie Lord and original producer Humphrey Barclay. It will also contain clippings and photos from the late Sir David Hatch's personal scrapbook of the ISIRTA years when he was the regular announcer and latter series producer, courtesy of his family.

The show is being produced by The OFFSTAGE Theatre Group after a successful sellout performance last year.

Tim Brooke-Taylor says: "One of the best bits of my working life has been the cast recordings of I'm Sorry, I'll Read That Again. We, the cast, had huge fun, and so did the audience. Watching Barnaby Eaton-Jones and his talented team in this revival, having just as much fun (and the audience, even more so), brought back very happy memories indeed. I am excited to be re-joining the show on tour. Definitely not to be missed!"

The returning cast are Hannah Boydell, William KV Browne, David Clarke, Barnaby Eaton-Jones and Ben Perkins, with live music from Andy Farrington & The Boys.

Barnaby Eaton-Jones says: "I can genuinely say, and I know I speak for the rest of the cast too, that we have all been in helpless laughter during rehearsals and it's a show that revels in its silliness and is the perfect tonic to take you away from the madness going on in the world around us right now. It's really not like work to be bringing this 'Best Of' show to life on stage and for an audience to be introduced, or re-introduced, to such crazy creations as Lady Constance de Coverlet, Professor Prune and his Electric Time Trousers, The Tillingbourne Folk and Madrigal Society and Julie Andrews Dirty Songbook (to name but a few). Bring a gibbon to be stuffed!"


Friday 17th March
With Graeme Garden & Jo Kendall

Thursday 6th April
BATH KOMEDIA, Bath Comedy Festival
With Jo Kendall & Mitch Benn

Saturday 29th April
ARTRIX, Bromsgrove
With Tim Brooke-Taylor

Wednesday 3rd May
With Tim Brooke-Taylor

Friday 19th May
With Mitch Benn

Friday 9th June
With Tim Brooke-Taylor

Friday 23rd June
With Tim Brooke-Taylor

Friday 7th July
With Jo Kendall & Mitch Benn

Friday 14th July
With Tim Brooke-Taylor & Jo Kendall


Here is a trailer for the tour, featuring footage from the 2016 performance.

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