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A few years ago we tried interviewing Jerry Sadowitz via email. It was an act we regretted, as he ended up calling our writer "a complete and utter twat". However, time is a healer and with the controversial comedian set to head off on a new tour we thought we'd try dropping some questions into his inbox again. Here is what he sent back...

Hi Jerry. You're off on tour again. What can people expect this time?

This time things are going to be different... this time there are going to be laughs. I'm determined to achieve this. I am studying F****** B**** very carefully, noting how little he swears, how he talks like a little girl on Quaaludes so as not to frighten the audience... and most of all, not confusing the audience with anything original.

You're performing across Scotland and England on this tour. Why no dates in Wales?

See? I told you nobody gives a fuck about the Irish.

There are no gigs in Wales because they are far too thick to book me so its likely they wouldn't understand the material either. There are also many other venues and cities that won't book me because I'm not "on telly" which means they won't sell tickets because most people in the U.K. are gullible malleable pricks who only go by what they see on TV and what they read in the papers. That's the only reason why Tony Blair's Prime Minister... because HE'S ON TELLY! Fucking CUNT.

We went to your website to try to find out more about the show. We take it you built that site yourself? It doesn't exactly meet modern web design standards.

Built??? BUILT you weak middle class twonk!!!! No wonder we import Ebola ridden immigrants to work here!! You'd fall over if you had to build a SENTENCE!!!!! BUILT you fucking PENIS!!

Jerry Sadowitz - Comedian, Magician, Psychopath! 2016

The title of your show is 'Comedian, Magician, Psychopath!', what percentage of each of these elements can audiences expect?

Put it this way... If they like the comedy, I'll do magic. If they like the magic, I'll stick to the comedy. If they look like they're being entertained at ALL, I'll do both.

Do you ever worry that branding yourself as a 'Psychopath' might potentially put some people off coming to see you? You'd make more money without that title?

Or I could keep my mouth shut and they all start crying for a refund afterwards... Or did you not think about that???

Magic has had a bit of a resurgence on television since we last spoke, with various programmes devoted to the genre. Are you pleased more people are taking an interest in the artform?

No. Magic is a very exacting science involving history, technical expertise, psychology presentation and critical thinking. So why we have to watch young kids who are frankly as talentless as they are ambitious I don't know. Actually I DO know. Because commissioning editors are equally talentless and ambitious and LIKE SEEKS LIKE. So dumb crap is assured, and anything remotely good is ripped off and ruined by over privileged upper middle class cunts.


Paul Daniels died earlier this year. He did a great job of mixing magic and comedy?

Usually a television personality is either loved by the public and rejected by the critics... or vice versa. Paul Daniels was unique in that he was quite literally hated by both over a period of 15 years. This is because his personality showed through each of his performances. The nasty, vile, Darwin dodger secured a monopoly on television magic for nearly two decades through his equally cuntish producer John Fisher. And technically, Daniels barely scraped average... he is revered today as "great" only by today's "magicians", who are not even qualified to WATCH a magic show, let alone wear a baseball cap.

You've got a bit of time before the tour starts Jerry. What do you fill your days with when you're not performing?

Not that it's ANYBODY'S BUSINESS, but I spend my time wishing people dead.

Like last time, we've emailed you this Q&A so we're writing this last question not knowing how the above have been received by you: are we friends now?

Whenever I'm faced with a pointless question such as this, I always ask myself "What would Hitler do?" Probably lie to your face then shoot you in the middle of the night. So yes, we're friends now.

For more information, check out the website that Jerry, er, built.

If you missed our previous encounters with Jerry, they were much more bruising affairs.
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