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Finalists ready for Dabbers Bingo Comedy Caller Contest 2024

Dabbers Bingo Comedy Caller Contest

The final for the Dabbers Bingo Comedy Caller Contest 2024 is set.

Due to take place in the alternative bingo hall's Houndsditch venue (5 mins walk from Aldgate station) on 7th July (1pm - 5pm), four top acts will be battling it out for the top prize package.

The organisers say: "Get ready for the ultimate showdown of hilarity as the funniest performers go head-to-head in the biggest number-calling competition in the UK.

"After a perilous journey through a bingo-based-battle, four fearless contestants won the heart of their audiences and jury alike. But who will prevail in the final battle to become the bingo caller of the year? With Dabbers Social Bingo, gone are the days of dusty old hosts mumbling 'two fat ladies - 88' into the microphone. Now callers get a chance to truly work the room and are encouraged to bring their talents to the stage."

The acts taking part in the final are as follows, with the biographies they've supplied.

Freddie Main as Babs Romance MP

Babs Romance MP. Freddie Main

BBC Upload have described Freddie as "An imaginative up and coming comedian." Freddie is also a stand-up comic (around 100 gigs in) and clown, regularly MCing for Hooma Comedy and frequently collaborating with Hocus Pocus Theatre and Beverly Bishop.

Freddie hopes to continue to use Babs as a vessel for satire, drag and comedic performance for years to come, taking advantage of her versatility to many mediums of entertainment. A satirical drag comedy character, government minister and perpetual liar, Babs Romance MP is keen to mingle with the public and invites you to hear her manifesto through shoddy parody speeches and witty musical numbers!

The character of Babs debuted as part of a lockdown series on BBC Radio in 2021, which was later archived as part of the country's reaction to COVID by the British Library. Since then her show Babs For Life has been performed at the Edinburgh Fringe 2023.

Kat Dellar

Kat Dellar

Kat Dellar crashed into London's open mic comedy scene in 2023 with her offbeat observations and mischievous crowd work. She's since been a UK Pun Championship finalist, and won Queer Comedy Club's Gag Race, G&B Comedy's New Act Competition and Sam Rhodes Comedy Explosion's Beanbag Show. Hailing from Perth, Western Australia, Kat dreams of changing hearts and minds through comedy, but in the meantime Dabbers Bingo has enabled her to achieve her immediate goal of performing in rugby shorts and thongs (ahem, flip flops).

James Watkins as Dick Speed

Dick Speed. James Watkins

James Watkins is an emerging solo artist and alternative comedian whose work centres around the use of character comedy. James began creating theatre in 2017. Preforming in venues across the country with a brand playful joyous clowning with a distinct attention to striking visual imagery. The work uses the character of the clown to explore current issues through the expression of physical comedy as well as mature and poetic language. James studied theatre and clowning at the university of Chichester and graduated in 2020. He has then since gone on to produce his own sketch and solo shows even performing at the Bournemouth emerging artists festival in 2021 with his debut show 'sad clown man'. His work is always playful silly and feel good.

Lil Wenker

Lil Wenker

Lil Wenker is a clown from Minnesota who doubled as The Baddest Man in Texas. Her debut solo show, BANGTAIL, has played a sold-out tour in the US, received several award noms, and is gearing up for a full Ed Fringe run at the Pleasance. Her previous experience includes cow-milking, touring a magic show with Yale frat boys, and attending clown school in small town France (aka Ècole Gaulier). And yet she thinks the dabbers bingo competitor is the craziest thing she's done yet!

Hosted by top stand-up comic Sikisa, the final will be overseen a judging panel of industry professionals, who will pick who will win the £1000 courtesy of sponsors Malibu, plus a 12-month contract with Dabbers Social Bingo and luxurious hotel stay. The runner up will also be treated to a delicious year-long supply of Malibu.

Jonny Unknown from Dabbers says: "This year has certainly been the toughest contest so far, the talent have all upped the ante - I normally have a feel for who will win but I honesty can't call it this year. They're all brilliant in their own unique ways, which will make the finals all the more exciting."

Tickets to watch the final are just £10, which include all your game cards and a free Jungle Is Massive Malibu cocktail. To find out more and book, visit

Published: Tuesday 18th June 2024

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