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Does Age Matter?.

Does Age Matter?

  • Free
  • 22 Aug 2015

Is comedy just for young people? Are we overcoming misogyny to confront a new breed of ageism? Given that there...   Full listing

No Balls Please!.

No Balls Please!

  • Free
  • 23 Aug 2015

A fun and lively discussion about the competitive female spirit. Joined by a brilliant panel of comedians and sports women...   Full listing

Funny Women Pop Up Fringe. Copyright: Busby Productions / Hat Trick Productions.

Funny Women Pop Up Fringe

  • Stand-up / variety
  • 10
  • 15-25 Aug 2013

Ten days of brilliant programming to tickle your comedy taste buds and prove beyond all doubt that women really are...   Full listing

Funny Women at the Fringe.

Funny Women at the Fringe

  • Sketch show / stand-up
  • 10 - 12
  • 3-5 & 8-17 Aug 2012

Funny Women, the UK's leading female comedy brand, celebrates its 10th anniversary with a specially curated show featuring great comedy...   Full listing

Funny Women. Copyright: BBC.

Funny Women

  • Stand-up
  • 12
  • 3-7, 10-14 & 17-21 Aug 2011

Britain's leading female comedy brand showcases the newest acts from the UK and beyond. Plus seeking out the freshest and...   Full listing

Funny Women Awards.

Funny Women Awards

  • Stand-up
  • 10 - 12.50
  • 23 & 24 Aug 2010

Funny Women is at the vanguard of nurturing and promoting female comedy talent, both new and established. Its annual talent...   Full listing