Edinburgh Fringe

The biggest comedy prize at the Edinburgh Festival

Thursday 4th August 2022, 6:44pm

NextUp... Biggest Award In Comedy

Streaming platform NextUp has launched a competition to find the best comedy show at the Edinburgh Fringe, and they're boasting that their winner will receive "undeniably the BIGGEST award in comedy ever".

The winning act will receive a huge inflatable trophy, as pictured below, plus an air pump, a carry case, £500 cash, a headline slot at London's iconic Comedy Store, and the option to have their show recorded for release as a special on the NextUp platform.

NextUp Biggest Award In Comedy inflatable trophy prize

Standing to a height of two metres - just shy of six and a half feet - the trophy is truly gigantic!

Daniel Berg, co-founder of NextUp, says: "This ridiculous award is what happens when there's a team brainstorm and somebody says, "There are no stupid ideas". Somehow it's matured into fruition like spilt milk into a Cheesestring. Though somehow, I think it's actually quite good (again - like a Cheesestring). The award talks to NextUp's mission of curating and amplifying the best live comedy to fans worldwide. Whilst for comedians, it's a chance to win £500 and literally the biggest award in comedy ever. That's quite an accolade, and of course - an immense physical burden."

A pubic vote is set to decide the winner, with the result announced on 25th August.

Voting is open now at nextupcomedy.com/bigaward for subscribers of the service.

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