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Party: All-Stars

Party: All-Stars
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Most tickets cost £14. To book visit the official Fringe website or contact the venue:


17: Assembly George Square Studios
Room: The Flick at Underground

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Assembly Festival


It's time to get your head in the game: Bristol's best trans/non-binary/female comedy night is taking Edinburgh by storm for one night only... and home slice, we shootin' hoops! Expect good vibes and nothing but net. Plus there definitely won't be any interference from Mr Disco Ball (an anthropomorphic disco ball who regularly heckles Party because he hates comedy). Hosted by the UK's very own scrap queens Pravanya Pillay and Imogen Trusselle. Featuring a line-up of certified big stars and Party favourites. It's All-Stars, baby, come join the party!

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Date Time Venue
12th Aug 23:00 Assembly George Square Studios (The Flick at Underground)

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