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The Last Quest of Visilock

Last Quest of Visilock
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295: Underbelly Central Hall
Room: Auditorium

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Greetings, weary traveller. Welcome to the Velarium Inn! A host of colourful characters run this ramshackle waystation in the magical realm of Visilock, where elves and dwarves, knights and rogues, wizards and barbarians strive to co-exist in a world beset by evil and monsters. Knight Swarna Hays is after the legendary artefact, the Fount of Joy, but the nefarious League of Shadows is after it too. Swarna meets adventurers with greater destinies than they want to take on. Join us for a fantasy comedy about having the courage to meet the road, day after day.

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Date Time Venue
5th Aug 12:30 Underbelly Central Hall (Auditorium)
6th Aug 14:00 Underbelly Central Hall (Auditorium)
8th Aug 17:45 Underbelly Central Hall (Auditorium)
10th Aug 14:00 Underbelly Central Hall (Auditorium)

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