Edinburgh Fringe

A Hundred Words for Snow

  • Theatre (play)
  • 2pm (60 mins)
  • 17-20 Aug
  • Leith Arches (The Mezzanine)
  • £5
Hundred Words for Snow
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Most tickets cost £5. To book visit the official Fringe website or contact the venue:


324: Leith Arches
Room: The Mezzanine

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'It's a bit weird to be sitting at the Arctic Circle chatting to a fit boy with your dad's ashes in your backpack.' Rory's dad was an explorer. Not literally, he was a geography teacher. But inside he was Bear Grylls. A teenage girl journeys to the North Pole with her father's ashes. A comic, complex, epic, undulating story that pitches themes of death and rebirth against a shifting backdrop of climate change, geography and exploration. A coming-of-age story with polar bears. Amateur production of Tatty Hennessy's moving play by arrangement with Nick Hern Books.

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Date Time Venue
17th Aug 14:00 Leith Arches (The Mezzanine)
18th Aug 14:00 Leith Arches (The Mezzanine)
19th Aug 14:00 Leith Arches (The Mezzanine)
20th Aug 14:00 Leith Arches (The Mezzanine)

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