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Fills Monkey are the kings of percussion

Fills Monkey. Image shows from L to R: Sébastien Rambaud, Yann Coste. Copyright: Denis Rouvre

Sébastien Rambaud and Yann Coste are better known as musical duo Fills Monkey, and We Will Drum You is their brand-new fun-packed experience for the whole family. There's no spoken word, but you can expect pure joy, humour, mime and instrumental gymnastics.

These two use percussion instruments we can't even pronounce (plus a few power tools!) as they pay homage to their favourite artists. We bet you can't help but tap your feet, clap your hands and be in awe of their rhythmical talents.

The boys put their sticks down long enough to answer our questions about their strange instruments and creative processes.

Is there anything that you can't play?

Yes of course! Even if we play several instruments on stage, and in several ways as well, there's some instruments we're not really comfortable with! Bagpipes for example, even if we hope we're going to have time in August to learn a bit about this crazy instrument!

There's a story within the show, humour and competition between you both. Do you choose sounds to suit the story/game or start with a sound and find the story/game?

If there's a rule in Fills Monkey, it's that there are no rules! A song can start with a rhythm, a melody, a story or anything.

When we're creating, we really allow ourselves to try everything even if it sounds silly. We're not worried about throwing away a lot of ideas to keep just the very best ones at the end!

Fills Monkey. Image shows from L to R: Sébastien Rambaud, Yann Coste. Copyright: Denis Rouvre

As well as playing instruments you move a lot in the show. Do you have any background in physical performance?

Yeah, this show is actually very physical and we have pretty much the same warm up as sporty people athletes do. We stretch before and after the show and really try to have a healthy life, even though sometimes it's not easy when you're always on the road with your friends!

What's the most unusual instrument you have in the show?

We have very different and unusual instruments and very unusual ways to play them! The most unusual one I would say is a bells suit. There are bells on each foot, both arms, belly, head and both shoulders and I have to play these ones with my nose!

Your audience can be any age but do you need to have a sense of rhythm to understand the show?

Absolutely not! This show is absolutely designed for everyone! Just come ready to groove with us and go on a journey!

Fills Monkey: We Will Drum You is at the Pleasance Courtyard (Grand) at 4pm from 3-29 August (not 16 or 23). pleasance.co.uk

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