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Eric Tinker Experience. Eric Tinker
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16: Greenside @ Riddles Court
Room: Thistle Theatre

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Eric Tinker, comedian and strummer, veteran of four Adelaide Fringes, brings his successful show to Edinburgh for the first time! Eric has performed at clubs, pubs and festivals around Australia and in his native England, as well as in Europe, Canada and SE Asia. 'His songs, like Philosophy, are brilliant, dripping with double entendres and fantasy' (TheBarefootReview.com.au, 2019). 'Blessed with a keen sense of the ridiculous' (TheClothesLine.com.au). 'Really bloody weird and so much fun' (Kate Rudge). 'Tinker's humour is more unusual than most - a unique brew of nerdy observation and looney lateral thinking' (TheBarefootReview.com.au, 2020).

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Date Time Venue
19th Aug 16:10 Greenside @ Riddles Court (Thistle Theatre)
20th Aug 16:10 Greenside @ Riddles Court (Thistle Theatre)

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