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The Best Ideas Happen in the Toilet

Best Ideas Happen in the Toilet. Cláudia Saavedra
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38: theSpace Triplex
Room: Studio

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Frankie wants to conform. Frankie also wants to drink wine for breakfast. Having watched all the rom-coms and scrutinising every self-help book in Waterstones, she now believes she can make it as an actress by doing jack shit. In her abrupt move to London, what could go wrong? A frank, funny, irreverent story about the struggles of trying to live your dream in a world of dodgy landlords, dodgy auditions, and even dodgier boyfriends. Cláudia Saavedra's debut play arrives at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe following hit premiere performances at London's Etcetera Theatre.

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Date Time Venue
14th Aug 18:15 theSpace Triplex (Studio)
15th Aug 18:15 theSpace Triplex (Studio)
16th Aug 18:15 theSpace Triplex (Studio)
17th Aug 18:15 theSpace Triplex (Studio)
18th Aug 18:15 theSpace Triplex (Studio)

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