Whose Mind is it Anyway?

Whose Mind is it Anyway?. Simon Warner.

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Improv / music starring Simon Warner performed on the following days in August 2019...

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24: Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose
Room: Big Yin


Most tickets cost between £11 and £12, depending on the day. To book visit the official Fringe website or contact the venue:

The improvised HYPNOTISED musical movie! Half the cast of the latest Hollywood blockbuster haven't arrived on set and with just one hour left to wrap the movie... what will our hypnotic director do? Simple, get some new recruits from the audience, throw away the script and start again! Join our cast of hilarious all-star improvisers from shows such as Austentatious and Showstopper! The Improvised Musical, as they join forces with hypnotised audience volunteers to create a brand-new blockbuster movie - complete with fully improvised cinematic score - premiering every single night! The only way you're going to sleep through this movie... is if you are in it! Lights, music, improv, hypnosis, action!

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