Heroes Of Fringe

Heroes Of Fringe.

Heroes Of Fringe, which is affiliated with the Laughing Horse Free Festival, is organised by Bob Slayer and Miss Behave. These venues are known for their alternative comedy offerings. They operate under a 'Pay What You Want' system. You can buy a ticket to guarentee a seat for popular shows, or just turn up for free if there's space (but you're asked to leave a donation at the end).


Heroes Of Fringe's 6 venues

Heroes Of Fringe shows

Ali Brice: Bin Wondering. Ali Brice.
Andrea Spisto: Butch Princesa. Andrea Spisto.

Andrea Spisto: Butch Princesa

  • Clown
  • PWYW
  • 2-12 & 14-25 Aug 2019

Character comedy, dance and Latin beats guide you deep into a surreal queer immigrant wonderland. Unflinchingly emotional art explosion. Honest...   Full listing

Andy Barr: The Ruby. Andy Barr.

Andy Barr: The Ruby

  • Storytelling / stand-up
  • PWYW
  • 1-13 & 15-25 Aug 2019

With his father recently deceased, minor aristocrat Andy Barr stands to inherit his fortune, his estate, his magnificent ruby and...   Full listing

Bait: Kill The Princess.

Bait: Kill The Princess

  • Clown
  • PWYW
  • 1-6, 8-16, 18-20 & 22-25 Aug 2019

What happens when the glass slipper doesn't fit? Is it time to put a bullet in the princess' head? In...   Full listing

Chris Betts: Dumb but Fair. Chris Betts.

Chris Betts: Dumb but Fair

  • Stand-up / storytelling
  • PWYW
  • 1-12 & 14-25 Aug 2019

An hour of stand-up about curiosity, horses, death and strip club etiquette. 'Amazingly funny' **** (List). 'Prepare yourself to laugh...   Full listing

Helen Duff Is the Tits. Helen Duff.

Helen Duff Is the Tits

  • Clown / storytelling
  • PWYW
  • 2-6 Aug 2019

And she doesn't give a damn who knows it. 'Bold, subversive and very funny' **** (Scotsman). 'Deserves any and all...   Full listing

Imaan Hadchiti: Being Frank.

Imaan Hadchiti: Being Frank

  • Stand-up / storytelling
  • PWYW
  • 1-6, 8-13, 15-20 & 22-25 Aug 2019

Jovial, charming, disarmingly honest and with a philosophical streak, Frank returns to the Fringe for an enchanting show larger than...   Full listing

Johannes Dullin Plays the Devil. Johannes Dullin.

Johannes Dullin Plays the Devil

  • Stand-up
  • PWYW
  • 2-12, 14-19 & 21-25 Aug 2019

Don't read this!! These words will force you to see a German/Swiss character-sincere-existentialist stand-up comic taking an exhilarating ride on...   Full listing



  • Sketch show
  • PWYW
  • 12 & 13 Aug 2019

LEGMEAT is an ill-considered yet high-concept sketch show. Get ready for a wild ride in to Lourdes and prepare to...   Full listing

Madame Señorita: Espousa. Paula Valluerca.

Madame Señorita: Espousa

  • Clown
  • PWYW
  • 1-6, 8-13 & 15-25 Aug 2019

Your favourite award-winning Spanish clown's attempt to experience her own (mis)interpretation of perfect, romantic love. Inspired by what she's seen...   Full listing

Paul Currie: Trufficle Musk. Paul Currie.

Paul Currie: Trufficle Musk

  • Clown
  • PWYW
  • 1-6, 8-13, 15-20 & 22-25 Aug 2019

Genders and non-genders, come plunge your human meat gloves into this zeitgeist pavlova as you gently take each other delicately...   Full listing

Peter Fleming: Have You Seen?. Tom Burgess.

Peter Fleming: Have You Seen?

  • Sketch show
  • PWYW
  • 1-11 & 13-25 Aug 2019

Retired children's TV pioneer Peter Fleming needs your help. His legendary BBC programmes are lost from the archives, from Professor...   Full listing

Phil Ellis: Au Revoir. Phil Ellis.

Phil Ellis: Au Revoir

  • Clown
  • PWYW
  • 1-25 Aug 2019

Phil says goodbye to Edinburgh forever. '"The time has come, " the Walrus said'... Sadly, the Walrus was right, Edinburgh's...   Full listing

Privates: A Sperm Odyssey. Image shows from L to R: Tom Curzon, Christian Brighty, Luke Rollason.

Privates: A Sperm Odyssey

  • Clown / sketch show
  • PWYW
  • 1-9, 11-13 & 15-25 Aug 2019

Attention all sperm! This is a military operation in procreation. Join three fun guys who fertilise in an adventure as...   Full listing

Stepdads: Step Up. Image shows from L to R: Tom Curzon, Luke Rollason.

Stepdads: Step Up

  • Absurdist / clown
  • PWYW
  • 10 Aug 2019

Meet the two men who wish they were your dad (but who are glad he went to prison.) A surreal...   Full listing



  • Stand-up / storytelling
  • PWYW
  • 1-6, 8-12, 14-19 & 21-25 Aug 2019

This award-winning, five-star comedy show will grab you by the short and curlies. If the C-word triggers/offends and you and...   Full listing

Wesele / Wedding. Margot Przymierska.

Wesele / Wedding

  • PWYW
  • 13 & 14 Aug 2019

Welcome to the last Polish/English wedding before the borders close, where you, the audience, play the role of the wedding...   Full listing