Venue 515: Monkey Barrel

Shows at this venue

Tony Law: Identifies. Tony Law.

Tony Law: Identifies

  • Stand-up
  • 10
  • 1-12 & 14-25 Aug 2019

Tony Law identifies the elements and as Canadian, Trinidadian, Celt, Anglo-Saxon, Viking, guy, working class, and autodidact. This show is...   Full listing

Krystal Evans: Fishnets. Krystal Evans.

Krystal Evans: Fishnets

  • Stand-up
  • PWYW
  • 1-13 & 15-25 Aug 2019

[pKrystal Evans] is a newcomer on the Scottish comedy scene and has quickly established herself as "one to watch" mostly...   Full listing

Lucy Pearman: Baggage. Lucy Pearman.

Lucy Pearman: Baggage

  • Clown
  • PWYW
  • 2-12 & 15-25 Aug 2019

Pearman, an Edinburgh Comedy Awards Best Newcomer nominee, Leicester Comedy Awards Best Show nominee, 'star in the making' (**** Telegraph)...   Full listing

Lauren Pattison: Peachy. Lauren Pattison.

Lauren Pattison: Peachy

  • Stand-up
  • PWYW
  • 14 Aug 2019

Following a whirlwind couple of years of awards, nominations, sell-out shows and international touring, Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Newcomer nominee...   Full listing

Terry Alderton: Bingo Bango. Terry Alderton.

Terry Alderton: Bingo Bango

  • Stand-up
  • PWYW
  • 4-25 Aug 2019

'The comedy thrill of a lifetime' ***** (Scotsman). 'A comedian of dizzying inventiveness' ***** (Times). Edinburgh's favourite, award-winning, unpredictable comedian...   Full listing

Liam Withnail: Homecoming. Liam Withnail.

Liam Withnail: Homecoming

  • Stand-up
  • PWYW
  • 1-12 & 14-25 Aug 2019

The award-winning Fringe favourite is back with a brand-new hour of his trademark thoughtful, exciting comedy. Three weeks in Japan...   Full listing

Pope's Addiction Clinic. Pope Lonergan.

Pope's Addiction Clinic

  • Storytelling
  • PWYW
  • 12 & 20 Aug 2019

'From fearless and funny to heart-stoppingly raw' (Evening Standard). 'The stories are awkward, humiliating, awful and hilarious, occasionally shocking but...   Full listing

Phil Nichol: Too Much. Phil Nichol.

Phil Nichol: Too Much

  • Stand-up / storytelling
  • 7
  • 1-11 & 13-25 Aug 2019

The planet is messed up. Society has devolved. Mankind is hopeless. Vegans are right. You can't punch a fascist. The...   Full listing

Tom Ballard: Enough. Tom Ballard.

Tom Ballard: Enough

  • Stand-up / satire
  • 7 - 8
  • 1-12 & 14-25 Aug 2019

Best Show Nominee, Edinburgh Comedy Awards 2016. Best Show Winner, Sydney Comedy Festival 2017. Top 3 Best Reviewed Comedy Shows,...   Full listing

Ben Verth: Sh*tegeist. Ben Verth.

Ben Verth: Sh*tegeist

  • Stand-up
  • PWYW
  • 2-12 & 14-25 Aug 2019

Ben is milleni-ill. He's in his 30s, nothing has turned out the way he hoped and society now is just...   Full listing

Bobby Mair: Cockroach. Bobby Mair.

Bobby Mair: Cockroach

  • Stand-up
  • PWYW
  • 1-11 & 13-25 Aug 2019

He's survived adoption, both his moms dying, mental breakdowns, addiction and getting diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Can anything kill...   Full listing