Venue 156: The Banshee Labyrinth

PBH Free Fringe.

Shows at this venue

Who's the Daddy Pig?.

Who's the Daddy Pig?

  • Stand-up
  • Free
  • 3-25 Aug 2019

Having played Daddy Pig in Peppa Pig, when Philip became a dad surely there was only one expert to turn...   Full listing

David McIver: Teleport. David McIver.

David McIver: Teleport

  • Free
  • 3-11 & 13-25 Aug 2019

Come! Escape into the Realms of Warquest, where you can level up, complete quests, defeat monsters and watch a cheeky...   Full listing

Nazis Need Jews. David Lee Morgan.

Nazis Need Jews

  • Poetry
  • Free
  • 3-6, 8-13, 15-20 & 22-25 Aug 2019

'If they didn't exist, we'd have to invent them'. Conspiracy, racism, revolution - London, UK and BBC Slam Poetry Champion...   Full listing

Punkanary Comedy Cinema.

Punkanary Comedy Cinema

  • Multimedia
  • Free
  • 12-14 Aug 2019

Screening the best quick-fire sketches and shorts by the next big undiscovered talents. Everything we show is short, fast and...   Full listing

Mark Simmons - One-Linerererer. Mark Simmons.

Mark Simmons - One-Linerererer

  • Stand-up
  • Free
  • 3-24 Aug 2019

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Kate Smurthwaite: Bitch. Kate Smurthwaite.

Kate Smurthwaite: Bitch

  • Satire
  • Free
  • 3-12 & 14-25 Aug 2019

What do you do when after 15 years of making people laugh and campaigning for human rights, you're still best...   Full listing