Venue 154: The Bier Keller

Shows at this venue

Well, That Was Weird....

Well, That Was Weird...

  • Variety
  • Free
  • 1-25 Aug 2019

A comedy show for those who are sick of the mainstream. Forget Trump gags, Tinder references or cheesy punchlines. At...   Full listing

Mista Lorraine. Lorraine Chademunhu.

Mista Lorraine

  • Stand-up / storytelling
  • Free
  • 1-25 Aug 2019

Some people choose their alter ego, as for Mista Lorraine it chose her. Lorraine invites you to see the funny...   Full listing

Expelled from Eton. George Callaghan.

Expelled from Eton

  • Free
  • 13-17 Aug 2019

George is the poshest chav. He's an equal opportunity offender. The stereotypes of multiracial Britain are all absolutely accurate. Macabre,...   Full listing

Down It Fresher!.

Down It Fresher!

  • Play
  • Free
  • 1-11 Aug 2019

After getting dragged along to the smelliest, most infamous night club in Edinburgh by her new friends, Frida the Fresher...   Full listing