Vanity Airlines

Vanity Airlines.

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9: theSpace @ Niddry St
Room: Lower Theatre

theSpace @ Niddry St

Vanity Airlines holds the prestigious title of Airline of the Year 2012 but how did the most popular airline lose their touch? Is it because the majority of people are flying budget these days or have those rival airlines just upped their game? Having not won anything in six years, a plucky group of Vanity flight attendants decide it's time to take action. They will go to extreme lengths to win back the popularity of the people even if it means compromising their integrity and everything they stand for.

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  •   Dan88
    60 minutes of pure joy! Witty and quirky, Vanity Airlines makes flying the thing to do. Talented cast, witty writing and a whole lot of fun. This show deserves a longer run!

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