The Perfect Opera

The Perfect Opera.

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Music starring Erika Gundesen, Rosalie Warner, Robin Horgan and Samuel James Dewese performed on the following days in August 2019...

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29: Paradise in the Vault
Room: The Annexe

Love! Death! And a pantomime camel! After extensive audience research, we listed the 47 things people demanded in operas and shoehorned them into this show. Macbeth enters, riding a camel. Macbeth and the camel are deeply in love - but when Lady Macbeth finds out, magic, murder and a mad scene ensue. With drag queens, ballet scenes and social relevance (but not forcing ideas down your throat), this hip-hop foxtrot operatic sketch comedy show is (technically) The Perfect Opera. Winner of the Francis Chagrin Award from the Sound and Music Foundation.

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Person Role
Leo Doulton Writer
Leo Doulton Director
Erika Gundesen Actor
Rosalie Warner Actor
Robin Horgan Actor
Samuel James Dewese Actor

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