Hamsters In Colour

Hamsters In Colour.

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Stand-up show / storytelling starring Phil Cooper performed on the following days in August 2019...

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156: The Banshee Labyrinth
Room: Chamber Room

The Banshee Labyrinth

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This show was not listed in the official Fringe programme so you may not find details elsewhere.

New show by Welsh comedian Phil Cooper (star of BBCSesh and S4C). Phil recently inherited a house from his Grandfather. It turns out he was a hoarder. Between the secret pots of cash and the 60s era porn, the whimsical Welsh comic wonders who was he before being a Grandad, what - if anything - is the difference between our generations and most importantly what the hell is a shake n' vac? Come along and find out what all this has to do with not just hamsters, but hamsters ... in colour.

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