Nothing Really Means Anything Anymore So Shut Up, Tim?

Nothing Really Means Anything Anymore So Shut Up, Tim?. Oskar Schortz.

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Cabaret starring Oskar Schortz performed on the following days in August 2019...

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39: theSpace on the Mile
Room: Space 2

theSpace on the Mile

After receiving a scathing audience review, failed performer Oskar Schortz saw two options: to deal with it and move on; or to dwell, lament and plan the downfall of his arch-critic, Tim. Taking the audience on a tour as to why his last show made perfect sense, Oskar uses 20th century technology to tackle the biggest 21st-century problem - the truth. Tim (if that even is his real name) and his unjustified critique was wrong because nothing really means anything anymore. The truth died a long time ago...

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