Half the Man - Michael Livesley

  • Storytelling
  • 8:15pm (1 hour)
  • 1-25 Aug 2019
  • The Free Sisters (Maggie's Chamber)
  • Free
Half the Man - Michael Livesley. Michael Livesley.

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272: The Free Sisters
Room: Maggie's Chamber

The Free Sisters

After losing half his body weight, Michael Livesley is half the man he was. Raised in an all-female household with Stan Ogden his only male role model, he grew up into an obese, miserable recluse bouncing from crisis to crisis like a fart in a colander. Then he decided to change. The spiral of anxiety and addiction can be fatal, but to unravel it Michael has had to pick himself apart from the roots up. A hilarious and poignant voyage through his life's peaks, troughs and ultimate redemption. 'An outrageous talent' (Stephen Fry).

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