Love Bites

Love Bites. Fifi LaRouge.

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Cabaret starring Fifi LaRouge performed on the following days in August 2019...

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Love. Urgh! Nasty, pitiful emotion to be avoided at all costs. Love Bites is a gloriously black cabaret that rips down the ''happily ever after'' backdrop and exposes love's shriveled truth. Join Fifi LaRouge and her lovelorn alter egos in a jazz-fueled frenzy of deliciously jaded tales of woe. Watch and learn vicariously as they weave their stories of the hot, heavy moments that snared them in love's trap and spat them out, bleeding cabaret numbers. 'I constantly found myself torn between closing my eyes and listening to the songs and watching [LaRouge] perform.' ****1/2 (WhatDidSheThink.blogspot, 2017).

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