A List Of 100 Things That Unreasonably Annoy Me

A List Of 100 Things That Unreasonably Annoy Me. Jeroen Bloemhoff.

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Stand-up show starring Jeroen Bloemhoff performed on the following days in August 2019...

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32: Bar Bados Complex
Room: Room 3

Bar Bados Complex

People who walk too slow. People who play the ukulele. Avocado. There are a lot of things in this world that annoy Jeroen. Most of them are completely ridiculous and irrational. In fact, a ton of them annoy him for no reason whatsoever. That's why he decided to turn everything that annoys him into a show, but don't worry he narrowed the list down to only 100. This is the show to watch if you want to see a comedian completely lose his shit for your entertainment.

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