Jamie Dalgleish: Humans Are Evil

Jamie Dalgleish: Humans Are Evil.

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Storytelling starring Jamie Dalgleish performed on the following days in August 2019...

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A history show unearthing the most shocking events, actions and characters throughout our past. Four separate shows rotating every day, with three mind-blowing subjects each, covering relatively lesser-known genocides, rebellions, persecution, battles and human morality tales. Subjects include the Belgian Congo, the partition of India, Argentina's Dirty War, the First Crusade, Scottish witch trials and Aztec human sacrifice. Delivered by comedian and history buff Jamie Dalgleish (sold-out 2018 Fringe show). 'Full of energy and instantly likeable' (Scotsman). 'You are obsessed with the dark side of history, it's rather disturbing' (Jamie's university history lecturer).

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