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  • 4:30pm (1 hour)
  • 2-11, 13-18 & 20-25 Aug 2019
  • ZOO Playground (Playground 1)
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Honey. Image shows from L to R: Sarah McCardie, Malou Olander.

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186: ZOO Playground
Room: Playground 1


Most tickets cost £10. To book visit the official Fringe website or contact the venue:

Honey, a freelance journalist and single mother of four (and a half) seeks control, agency, confirmation and solvency from her rebellious daughter, disappointed mother, skeptical friends and imperfect men. Three (or four) therapists have so far failed to help her, so it's time to try a different kind of talking cure. Honey must tell her story to find out how it ends and where it begins. Will she find what she's looking for, whatever that is? Honey is a comedic one-woman show from Finland featuring Scottish actress Sarah McCardie embodying eleven triumphantly dysfunctional characters in one hour, precisely.

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Person Role
Sarah McCardie Self
Malou Olander Producer

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