Gilgamesh & Me

Gilgamesh & Me.

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Play starring Martha Watson, Andrew Neziri, Archie Burlton, Becca Story, Cameron Vince, Harry Gee, Imogen Cave, Josh Bailey, Luca Procopio, Stan Gordon and 7 more performed on the following days in August 2019...

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  • 2 Aug, 4:50pm

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Thousands of years before the Old Testament there was Gilgamesh. An epic tale etched into stone. The first ever written down. Join Babolin in a dusty world of scribes, tree-loving ogres, sky-bulls and a steamy (b)romance with a wild man that sends the goddess of love into a frenzy of revenge. Expect high-energy ensemble play, operatic foolery, delicious irreverence and moments of searing beauty in Babolin's trademark style.
'This incredible ensemble is quite stunning' ***** (
Fringe Review Outstanding Theatre Award Winner 2015.

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Person Role
Jon Whitten Director
Richard Fredman Writer
Blythe Brett Guest
Riana White Director
Sam Worboys Producer
Andrew Neziri Actor
Archie Burlton Actor
Becca Story Actor
Cameron Vince Actor
Harry Gee Actor
Imogen Cave Actor
Josh Bailey Actor
Luca Procopio Actor
Martha Watson Actor
Stan Gordon Actor
Saskia Higginson Actor
Zoe Antoniou-Tibbitts Actor

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