Liza Treyger.

Liza Treyger says 'go to therapy'

Fresh from her Netflix comedy special, Liza Treyger has been "living it up" recently - "spending cash, eating food, smoking weed, laying on surfaces"...

The premise of In The Weeds is self-improvement. What is the main thing you've done in the past year to improve your life?

I think the hard thing - and I talk about this in the show - is now being in a place where I understand and see my issues but am in this in-between where I'm not fully able to take actions to make my life better, like out of fear. So I guess the main thing is being aware and present to try to be better always, and how hard it is and how it sucks to know what you're doing is bad, and [yet you] keep doing it.

Therapy has helped. I've been talking less shit. Even though I still gossip a lot, I see myself being in situations where people are talking shit and I'm like 'I don't need to add to this'. I've also been communicating better with my friends.

What is the most 'Bridget Jones-esque' thing that has happened to you since turning 31?

Oh, I think just being lonely and fat. Even though I would love her body in the movie. But yeah just like single, eating, and alone. I haven't actually seen the movie... am I right?

You count your therapist, Sherri, as one of your biggest influences for the show. What lessons from her will you be passing on to the audience?

You gotta go to the show for that. I've been paying her thousands of dollars... you gotta at least come see the show to learn some stuff. But there will be lessons, I hope!

Would you say this is your most grown-up show yet?

I hope I never say, "this is my most grown up show." I don't even know how to define that. I think growing up you just realise nobody is grown up or knows what they're doing. I still end my show on a cum joke, like I have for two specials now.

I would say it's my most personal.

Do you have any words of wisdom for anyone else approaching their 30s?

Go to therapy.