Eli Matthewson.

Eli Matthewson on Edinburgh audiences, and millennials

Ahead of taking his new show, An Inconvenient Poof, to the Edinburgh Fringe, New Zealand comic Eli Matthewson answers some of our questions...

Welcome back to the UK. What do you love (or loathe) about Edinburgh audiences?

The wildest part of performing in Edinburgh is the audiences are barely ever locals - you truly never know who you are going to get which is exciting. Sometimes I'll drop a quite specific reference to something in New Zealand but five people will laugh because even on the other side of the world we still find each other.

The vibe is so great in the city, I love performing in George Square because there is so much going on. Last year I didn't have a dud crowd - so this year's audiences have a high standard to meet.

Eli Matthewson.

Your show this year is about activism and the environment, so tell us straight - are we going the way of the dinosaurs?

I'm so glad you bring up dinosaurs because when I was the Head Environment Prefect at Riccarton High School in Christchurch (brag) I actually had a whole campaign based around the fact that the dinosaurs were the rulers of the world for so long, and if we screw this up soon we are going to pale in comparison. The slogan was "Be More Like The Dinosaurs".

It feels like every week we get a new study being like "The Human Race Will Be Extinct by 2025". When I get emails asking me to pay off my student loan I just copy and paste that article into my response.

What gives you hope?

Teenagers! It's wild because I still find large groups of teenagers intimidating (still afraid of being bullied) but those Gen Z-ers are actually standing up to the governments and demanding they do something. Millennials could learn a thing or two.

You have quite a lot to say about millennials. Name a millennial trait you love to hate.

We need to stop buying indoor plants. It's an epidemic. Your bedroom should not feel like a jungle.

Finally, describe your show An Inconvenient Poof in five words.

Short gay tries his best.