Desperately Seeking Motivation: Challenged

  • Comedy
  • 5:30pm (1 hour)
  • 1-25 Aug 2019
  • City Café (Las Vegas)
  • Free
Desperately Seeking Motivation: Challenged.

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Comedy starring Matt Stags and Josie Ettrick-Hogg performed on the following days in August 2019...

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Venue details

85: City Café
Room: Las Vegas

City Café

Matt Stags and Josie Ettrick-Hogg are desperately seeking motivation. Attempting to overcome severe hoarding disorders, procrastination and mental health issues, they take on a series of challenges. From a 600m hike, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, jumping off a bridge, a giant swan race and cycling across India to paragliding, boxing, getting into newspapers, achieving foreign chart success, starting a charity and having a bit part on TV! Will they triumph? Will they give up and go home? (You can bet your arse they won't!) What secrets of motivation will they discover? What on earth will happen?

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Person Role
Matt Stags Self
Josie Ettrick-Hogg Self

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