Caspian and Ciaran: The Milkmen

  • Stand-up / Storytelling
  • 4pm (1 hour)
  • 2-25 Aug 2019
  • The Free Sisters (The Wee Room)
  • Free
Caspian and Ciaran: The Milkmen.

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272: The Free Sisters
Room: The Wee Room

The Free Sisters

Ciaran loves milking. He milks his friends, acquaintances, family members and passing strangers for anecdotes: from Müller Corner focus groups to prog rock crematoria. Possibly accompanied by a soundtrack ranging from ambient to light jazz, he can't wait to build a community with you. Obsessed with pop culture ephemera, sea shanties and the best way to cook pasta, Caspian is a man who has big opinions on the things that don't deserve big opinions. He wants to be switched on and politically engaged, but just finds the lyrics of Sir Mix-a-Lot so much more interesting.

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